Launched at Annual General Meeting at Shrigley

'Entitled The Salesian Cemetery at Shrigley, this book provides biographical essays and quoted recollections from over 40 Staff, Old Boys and relatives in relation to each of the 13 people (students and staff) buried in the Shrigley Cemetery, together with an Introduction which sets the context by discussing the way of life at Shrigley and among Salesians generally. It has been in preparation since immediately after the 75th Anniversary Celebrations in 2004. Much fresh material on all its subjects has been collated and it runs to over 130 A4 pages and is illustrated with over 80 photographs. It amounts to a Celebration of the lives of 13 good people and should prove an absorbing read for Salesians, Old Boys and relatives alike.

The authors have researched, collated, written and published the book from their own resources and it is important that it be properly launched in order to maximise their chances of recouping some of their expenses. Even more significantly, the occasion will be an important one for the relatives involved, helping them to bring closure to a painful episode in all their lives. A launch will also bring a special focus to the 2007 Re-Union and hopefully further cement our relations with the senior staff of the Hotel, who have been entirely constructive in their behaviour towards the Shrigley Association'.

Mike Kilduff and Peter Roebuck



A List of Contributors


Fr Bill Boyd
Fr Peter Burns
Fr Albert Carette
Fr Robert Coupe
Fr John Dickson
Fr Francis Drohan
Fr. Charles Garrick
Fr Bernard Grogan
Fr Tom Ingoldsby
Fr Michael Lindsay
Fr Dan Lyons
Fr Austin Malloy
Fr Joe Merriman
Fr. Patrick Sherlock
Fr James Walsh

Past Pupils

Eric Baggaley
Paul Barnes
Greg Bell
Patrick Bindon
John Burke
Martin Caine
Tony Caldwell
Kevin Dean
Michael Dewane
Jim Donnelly
Mick Flaherty
Terry Gerighty
Robert Hilton
Mike Kilduff
Des McGarry
Bill McGinty
Frank McGreal
Fr Gerry McGuinness
Fr Bernard McInulty
Bernard O'Neill
Hugh O'Rourke
Edward De Rivera
Peter Roebuck
Denis Ryan
Sean Simpson

Family Members

Family of Andrew Gallagher
Tom Gallagher
Ursula McKeown
Family of Daniel McAfee
Francesca McCurdy
James McCurdy
Family of Damien Cocksey
John Cocksey
Jim Cooksey
Marie McAndry
Family of Bro Emile Hevia
Fr Todd Orestes Hevia
Family of Bro Chris Higgins
Reg Higgins on behalf of
his parents, Gerard and Margaret,
his sister, Margaret and
his brother Martin
Family of Fr Edwin Slack
Robert Slack

Also Anita Booth, whose husband, Tony's ashes were scattered at Shrigley


Book Cover

Shrigley 1929-2004

Mike Kilduff

A Collection of 250 Photographs to mark the 75th Anniversary of the Opening of the Salesian Missionary College Shrigley Park.

Book Cover

The Foundation Decade at Shrigley

Peter Roebuck

A history of the first ten years of Shrigley: Seminary, Church and Shrine. 20 illustrations and two maps.