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Newsletter                                                                  June 2011


Newsletter July 2011


The Committee
Honorary President: Fr Albert Carette SDB (1932-37)
Chairman: Peter Roebuck (1953-59)
Secretary: Mike Kilduff (1953-59)
Treasurer: David Murphy (1961-65)
Co-opted Member (Scotland): John Bergin (1965-70)


A Message from the Chairman

In comparison with previous years we have been uncharacteristically slow in sending you details of the Re-Union in September. This is because we have wanted to bring you up-to-date with developments in regard to the future of our Association. Whatever else we do as your elected Officers, we must attempt to run things as professionally as we can and, in the current situation, it is imperative that members know what we are planning, and why.

I regret to have to say that the broadly optimistic tone of my message a couple of months ago was misplaced. Despite our best efforts, there has been little further communication from the Scots since then. Although it is difficult for us to judge from inadequate information, it would appear that, after further meetings amongst them, they are planning a purely local Association in support of St. Benedict's, Easterhouse; and that they do not feel able to attempt to run a national Association. In particular, no individuals have come forward willing to be Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer, in our view the minimum required if our current ship is to stay afloat. This is entirely their prerogative and we would not wish them to take on board more than they think they can deliver. We wish them well and feel sure that the forthcoming AGM will want to lend financial support to their future endeavours.

Against this background, we are obliged to revert to our original agenda: and so the Re-Union in September will be the last of its kind in the unbroken sequence since 1996 and will preside over the dissolution of the Association.

We want to do this as tidily - and as enjoyably - as possible. To this end the Agenda of the final AGM will include:

1. A resume of developments over the past year, alluded to above, leading to a proposal that we dissolve.

2. A recommendation that our remaining funds be given to chosen Salesian charities, but including a sum to support future activities in Glasgow.

3. Recommendations regarding the archive (in the light of a judgement as to where it might best be preserved for posterity) and the material currently held by the Hotel - if they ever wish to relinquish it, this, we feel, should revert to the archive.

4. A recommendation regarding the website: that it is permanently frozen but remains on the internet.

The Re-Union as a whole is designed to celebrate our activities and achievements over the past fifteen years, and to end with a bang. Please do your best to join us on this special occasion. We would love to see you all.

As always, with my warmest best wishes to you and your families.

Peter Roebuck

Secretary’s Report

There has only been one committee meeting since the AGM last September. That was held in Glasgow at the end of January as part of the annual celebration of Don Bosco’s Feastday. Driving up to Glasgow through the Lake District is always a pleasant experience if the weather is bright and sunny, as it was on Saturday 29th January. Glasgow itself is often cold in the winter, but greetings from Scots members were as warm as ever in the evening.

This year, as a change from the last few celebrations in an Italian Restaurant, the meal was in a busy and popular Indian one, complete with waiters in kilts and turbans. The menu offered, among many other dishes, curried haggis, which was nothing new to the locals, but unexpected for Peter, Helen and myself. We let our hosts choose from the menu, and naturally this was one of the starters.

At the end of the meal, we pushed notes across the table in an attempt to pay our share, but these were returned by our generous hosts. Peter swears that he got back more notes than he gave!
SCotland Meeting

On the Sunday afternoon, as well as the Feast Day Mass and social, there was a committee meeting at which the Scottish members were sounded out about the possibility of their taking over the running of the Shrigley Association. Many of those present expressed a willingness to explore the options and future meetings were promised under John Bergin’s chairmanship.

Over the last six months I have spent much time working on the Association’s Archive, with a view to getting it into shape. The present draft catalogue runs to almost twenty A4 pages of listings, and the contents themselves piled in their storage boxes are taller than I am. Eric Baggaley has been our chief contributor in recent months, passing on his personal papers and photographs for our storage and care.

The future of the archive will be discussed at the AGM in September. It is our determination that all the items in the collection will be kept together under the best possible conditions in line with the intentions of those who donated them. Many items, taken individually, are of no great significance, but collectively they contribute to a moving and significant record of our college’s life. The House and Lomas Shields will continue to be on loan to the Shrigley Hall Hotel.

Should you have items to contribute to the Archive, I am happy to receive them and promise to include them in the completed catalogue.

I include with this Newsletter details and Booking Forms for the Reunion in September. We have three excellent speakers lined up. Please book as early as possible. We expect a larger attendance than last year when we had to compete with events marking the Pope’s visit.

Mike Kilduff


Newsletters from previous years may be viewed HERE

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