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Future Events

Message from Peter Roebuck, The Chairman of the Association


For much of the past year and more members of your Committee have been candid about the difficulties facing the Association for the future. The 2010 AGM (as reported to everyone shortly afterwards) agreed that, unless fresh individuals came forward to lead the Association, the 2011 Re-Union at Shrigley would be the last of its kind.

At that stage Mike Kilduff and I planned to attend (as we and others have done for several years) the meeting of the Scottish group of Old Boys, traditionally held in Glasgow as close as possible to Don Bosco's Feastday in January. There were hopes that the Scots might decide to carry matters forward from their own base at St. Benedict's in Easterhouse. They are a sizeable group, on average somewhat younger than the rest of us, and many of them live relatively close to one another in the greater Glasgow area.

These hopes have been fulfilled. We had a very enjoyable weekend, including a useful meeting to discuss possibilities for the future. Subsequently, they held their own further meeting, organised by John Bergin, where they agreed that they were 'keen to see the Association survive and prosper' and willing 'to do what is needed' to this end. They are to hold another meeting on Thursday 14 April. The decisions of that and any later meetings will be conveyed to the forthcoming AGM in September.

I am delighted to be able to report, therefore, that the baton has been picked up and will be carried forward from a new base in Glasgow. To what extent Shrigley, the place, will feature in future plans remains to be seen, although inevitably, given inexorable geographic factors, arrangements are likely to be significantly different than hitherto. However, the Association has won a new lease of life for which, I am confident, we will all be grateful.

Further details of the 2011 Re-Union, scheduled for 16-18 September, will be circulated as soon as they have been finalised. As we do not know if, or when, we will be returning to Shrigley thereafter, we urge you to ring fence these dates and to attend if you possibly can.

On your behalf I wish warmly to thank John Bergin and our other Scottish colleagues; and to wish them well with their future efforts on our behalf.


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2011 Reunion & Annual General Meeting
will take place from 16th-18th September at Shrigley Hall Hotel and Savio House. Draft details below.

Friday 16th
6.30 p.m. Buffet at Savio House

Saturday 17th
10.00 a.m. The Cheshire Suite, Shrigley Hall Hotel,
Welcome, Coffee & Biscuits

10.15 a.m. 12.15 p.m. Speakers
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1st Speaker – Fr George Robson SDB MBE (Shrigley 1948-51):

‘My 65 Years as a Salesian’

2nd Speaker – Tony Calway (Shrigley 1949-54):

'My Life After Shrigley'

3rd Speaker – John Burke (Shrigley 1948-55):

‘And may thy sons hereafter bring honour to thy name…’

12.45 p.m. Lunch

2.00 p.m. Photographs

2.15 p.m. Service of Remembrance in the Cemetery

3.00 p.m. Annual General Meeting
The Cheshire Suite
1. Welcome & Apologies
2. Minutes of the last AGM
3. Matters Arising
4. Chairman’s Report
5. Secretary & Archivist’s Report
6. Treasurer’s Report
7. Webmaster’s Report

  Stats 2011
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8. Proposal from the Committee:
‘To wind up the Association with Immediate Effect’

9. Implications & Proposals for Arrangements

i. Finance: Proposal - to retain temporarily some contingency (£250) to cater for possible needs during the winding-up process. The rest of our funds (together with any residue of the contingency) to be donated to the Salesians to disburse as they wish: to inform them, however, of our steady past support for BOVA; and to indicate our wish that they make some provision (say £750) for the support of our Scottish colleagues at Easterhouse. David Murphy will provide suggestions for the AGM re: current standing orders etc.

ii. Hotel: Proposal - to leave the shields etc. on permanent loan to the Hotel, and to attempt to retain the special overnight price currently available to former students and staff of Shrigley.

iii. Wesite: Proposal - Current members to be able to post final messages until 31 January 2012; then to be frozen but left open for 'public view', with a copy provided in suitable form for the archive.

iv. There are arrangements unique to the UK whereby archives accepted by regional Record Offices are preserved for all time at public expence in appropriate, scientifically-controlled conditions. The Chairman and Secretary & Archivist have conducted positive and successful negotiations with the Cheshire Record Office in Chester, the results of which can be triggered following the AGM. Cheshire would be very glad to accept our archive. Under the proposed arrangements it would be placed on permanent loan: its contents would be professionally catalogued and, where necessary, repaired; and, together with requested copies of them, would be available for reading by members and their families, and by future researchers. Proposal - these arrangements to be formally established. (Note: once established, it would be open to members to deposit further material in the archive, if they so wished).

10. Any Other Business

Peter Roebuck (Chairman)

6.00 p.m. Dinner at Savio House

7.30 p.m. Concert
MC: Paul Barnes (Shrigley 1954-57)

Sunday 18th
10.00 a.m. Mass
Followed by Coffee & Biscuits and Departure

There is no charge for attendance at the Reunion

Savio House
Bed & Breakfast – per night                                                                                                                                    £35.00
Friday 16th                                                                    6.30p.m. Buffet                                                                    £ 9.00
Saturday 17th                                                                 Evening Meal                                                                      £13.00

Shrigley Hall Hotel

Double Room – Per Night, Per person based on 2 nights double occupancy, Bed & Breakfast                  £55.00
(i.e. Room per night = £110, total cost for two nights = £220.00)
Single Room – Per Night, two night occupancy, Bed & Breakfast                                                                   £75.00

Saturday 17th                                                    Tea/Coffee/ Biscuits/Lunch                                                            £16.75

For all Savio House bookings and Shrigley Coffee/Tea and Lunch bookings please contact
Mike Kilduff,

Please send a non-refundable deposit of £15.00 per person payable to the
Shrigley Association

For Shrigley Hall Hotel room bookings contact the hotel,
quoting Shrigley Association Reunion
Barceló Shrigley Hall Hotel Golf & County Club,
Shrigley Park, Pott Shrigley, Nr. Macclesfield, Cheshire, SK10 5SB Tel: 01625 575757


Members at the 2010 Reunion
Full details HERE
Group at 2010 Reunion


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