Our Association archives are to deposited with Cheshire County Council. The Catalogue in PDF format, prepared by Mike Kilduff, may be seen HERE

On this page we have provided links to pages where we will be displaying items from the extensive archives which are conserved and managed by our Archivist, Mike Kilduff. Some of these are already linked elsewhere but this page will provide easy access to a full listing of items of historical interest.

April 1st 2009 was the 75th Anniversary of the cutting of the first sod for the church at Shrigley and the first two links below will take you to pages of photos and an account by Mike Kilduff of the building work.

1.Shrigley Church Photos of the church

2. A Search For The Men Who Built The Shrigley Church This file opens in PDF format

3. Philip Tilden's chapter on the building of the church This file opens in PDF format

4. Three publications dealing with the history of Shrigley have been produced by Peter Roebuck and Mike Kilduff and details of these are on our Publications Page

5. Our Association History has recently been updated.

6. A brief history of the the Salesians at Shrigley

7. In the autumn of 2008 Mike Kilduff discovered that some furniture including desks had survived, stored in an old BARN above the car park, difficult to get to without going onto the golf course. It has in it old Shrigley desks and dormitory lockers and furniture remnants you might recognise.

8. A letter from Don Bosco dated 1885

9. Winter at Shrigley

10. House Shields from the College

11. 50th Anniversary of Dan Cocksey's Death