Work has continued to make and keep the Website "" up-to-date and fit for purpose.

The Committee and the Membership owe a large debt of gratitude to Keith Dransfield.  His expertise and enthusiastic cooperation are constantly 100%.


HOME - With information and photographs, introduces the user to the site content and means of access.

HISTORY - In the process of writing, will place the Association in the context of other "Shrigley Old Boys" activities, highlighing the main Events 1996 to the present day.

NEWSLETTER - The most recent ASSOCIATION posting to the Membership, with Reports from each member of the Committee and accounts of the most recent EVENTS.

FUTURE EVENTS - Details, invitations and booking arrangements for the current year's activities- at present 3 Committee Meetings, the AGM and Reunion, the  Don Bosco Mass(es) plus  the Social content of all of these EVENTS.

REPORTS - The AGENDA, DISCUSSION PAPERS and MINUTES of the last 3 Committee Meetings and the last AGM.
RECENT E-MAILS - News, Reports and Photographs sent in by Members during the last 2 months.

PRAYER REQUESTS - Members' messages, asking for prayers, received during the last 2 months.
PUBLICATIONS - Accounts of and ordering procedures for the 3 Association Publications currently available.

GALLERY - Photographic records of REUNIONS and EVENTS, 1996 to the present
SALESIANS AT SHRIGLEY -Documentation (permission of PARAMOUNT HOTELS) regarding the History of the Salesian Years of Shrigley.

OVERSEAS - Information and photographs of Old Shrigley Boys living abroad.
CONTACTS - Details of the Committee Members and their Roles in the current year, plus methods of contact
LINKS - Other Websites which can be reached immediately, notably the Salesians, the Salesian Sisters and  the National Salesian Old Boys.

A.G.M.  20th. SEPTEMBER 2008

HISTORY : the collaborative effort by a number of members should see this section ready for posting on the website reasonably soon.

FUTURE EVENTS : to publicize this year's ("Remembering 1958") reunion, members were asked to post their own invitations and a number did so. We hope that this will continue for future events.

RECENT EMAILS & PRAYER REQUESTS : members' messages have continued to be publicized, whilst Rualink has been "cascaded" only to those members who have specifically requested this service.

GALLERY : the Webmaster has asked members to send in photographic records of our reunions 1996-2007. Some years are very well covered, notably the inaugural 1996 reunion, the 75th anniversary of Shrigley's opening, 2004, and the Cemetery Book Launch in 2007. However, other years are not well documented and we ask members to please send in photographs.

SALESIANS AT SHRIGLEY : this document, inaccurate in some details, will be amended.

LINKS : recently added are Salesian Cooperators and the Overseas Volunteers (BOVA). If members think other Links would be of interest, please send in details.

Finally I would like to repeat an Association vote of thanks to the Webmaster, Keith Dransfield. I shall continue to pursue and persecute him with new ideas, possibly an ARCHIVES section and a STOP PRESS/NEW TODAY slot. To members I say watch this space! Click on to

Eric L. Baggaley